The resurrection on trial

Easter… the time Christians remember Jesus rose from the grave, overcame death and defeated satan and by doing so opening the way for mankind to have a relationship with God through His sacrifice….. but did Jesus really rise from the dead? What if he didn’t and the story as we read it in the Bible is nothing but a fraud??!!

The resurrection of Jesus is the major cornerstone of all Christianity. If  He didn’t raise from the grave, all we believe in is worthless, there is no forgiveness, no redemption and no salvation.

This is why the greatest deceiver of all times, satan, in the past, and still, is trying to move people away from believing Jesus rose from the grave in the physical realm…

His objective is obvious… it’s the battle for the souls of this fallen world. Keeping faith in what the Bible says, holding on to that believe, and spreading it should be our main goal in life…. the rest is only temporary…     

Hal Lindsey explains how some of the greatest minds in history have studied the resurrection and declared it one of the most established facts by best evidence of any fact in history.

Watch Hal Lindsey preach on “The resurrection on trial”   


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